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Back on the blog

Hello, world! It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything with this site. Yesterday was my last class of graduate school at the University of Colorado – Boulder (Master’s in Engineering Management, certificate in Technology Ventures and Product Management), … Continue reading

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I’m Looking For a Job!

Loyal readers and welcome blog guests, I’m back on the job hunt! This time, I’m looking for a position in biology/healthcare innovation to build on my Master’s program at CU-Boulder. Classes are part time, online, and designed for engineers working … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Your Pitch Sucks (When Your Startup Doesn’t)

Originally posted at Rockies Venture Club, 6/24/13 Your pitch is often the first impression your company will make with an investor. The company can be amazing and if your pitch is still rough, your company looks rough too. When you … Continue reading

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BioCare Infrared Light Can Heal People

Originally posted on Rockies Venture Club blog, 5/28/13 Jon Weston is convinced that his company’s product can help take away pain, help the body heal twice as fast in some cases, and even save lives. It is particularly interesting to see … Continue reading

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Interview with the VC: NexGen Storage acquired for $119 million

Originally posted on Rockies Venture Club blog, 5/4/2013 This week, Fusion-io acquired Louisville, CO based NexGen Storage for $119 million. The next day, I had a chance to sit down with venture capitalist Kirk Holland of Access Venture Partners, who was also on … Continue reading

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Colorado – Entrepreneurial by nature!

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The Beautiful Powder Below Me

I stand over the cornice, gazing down at the next couple thousand feed of mountain that is my chosen challenge. The crisp air and perfectly blue sunny day beckon me to enjoy the scenery of the Rockies for just a … Continue reading

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