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Hello, world!

Published December, 2016:

It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything with this site. Yesterday was my last class of graduate school at the University of Colorado – Boulder (Master’s in Engineering Management, certificate in Technology Ventures and Product Management), so I think I’ll have more time to spend on here soon.

I’m still working full time as a Global Product Manager for therapeutic medical devices, which is a great learning experience, purposeful, and mostly enjoyable. The job is basically exactly what I was looking for, and it’s where I should be for now. I’m generally happier pursuing at least one intellectually challenging activity outside of work, which helps to meet interesting people.

I don’t know exactly what that might look like yet, but there’s a good chance I’ll keep some if it here. Some of my outside-of-work interests include:

  • Applied neuroscience
    • Neuromodulation, therapeutic interventions, imaging + diagnostics
  •  Medical devices
    • Especially those using light, electricity, or magnetism in a therapeutic capacity
    • Devices that can improve patient outcomes at a lower cost than the status quo, and provide non-pharmaceutical options
  • Mental health
    • Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, other mental illnesses
    • Promoting useful, research-backed awareness and confronting stigmas
    • Relation to immunology, microbiota, nutrition, neurotransmitters & hormones
  • Artificial intelligence, neural networks, development of consciousness, ethics
    • I don’t know much yet. But this feels important.

Many of my nerdy ramblings on these:

Also, over the next few months I’ll ski as much reasonably possible, and practice yoga whenever I can. I’ll also probably spend some more time in Asia for work. Love Colorado, also love to travel!


Tim Harvey

About Adam Harvey

A point of consciousness, currently residing in a space suit made out of meat.
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