Big Ideas from the 1st Neuromarketing World Forum

Last week, the newly formed Neuromarketing Science and Business Association held the 1st ever Neuromarketing World Forum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference was a success and a great start to the organization. We had over 100 attendees from 29 countries (wow!) and we’re very proud of where we’ve come so far and are excited to see the organization continue to grow. I came back with more knowledge than I could handle and a total of 23 pages of notes to go through. I’ll continue to post other  articles on the conference as I make my way through my thoughts.

As the field of Neuromarketing grows and takes shape, I see a few important trends building. The first, and perhaps most important, is the coming together of many people and companies for the good of the industry. Groups who may be in strong competition most of the time realize that we need to have some common ideals for our industry to continue to grow in the right way. Some of the most often mentioned issues, both in speaker presentations and in the less formal social events, were ideas on what will help our clients and the neuromarketing industry in general. Standards for ethics, research rigor, participant safety, and thoughts on how those questions affect the future of the industry were frequent themes in conversations. It was also said a few times that while Neuromarketing can be very beneficial for the consumer and the producers, we cannot overstate the promises of using the research or exaggerate the claims made to clients and potential clients of what we can do.

Overall, the conference was a great time and a fantastic personal experience. I very much enjoyed helping with the conference, as well as meeting so many great speakers, Local Chairs, and talking with delegates from such varied places and viewpoints. I’m looking forward to the next Neuromarketing World Forum in March 2013!

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