5 Simple ways to use Neuromarketing in social media

Social media, as well as Neuromarketing, are here to stay and growing quickly. Businesses have realized the importance of their digital brand and the value of social media in getting the word out. Many consumers now expect you to be easily accessible on their favorite sites, and you may be left out if you’re not on top of it. Here are 5 of the top social media sites – and how to use neuromarketing to leverage your online presence

5) Blogs. Tell your story, because our brains love stories. Provide real value in your posts and your prospects will reward you. If you have material that is applicable elsewhere, links to your site will help your SEO as well.

4) LinkedIn. Employees have been using it for years, and more companies now realize its importance. It is considered one of the most credible social media sites, and a chance to show customers how they’re connected to your business. Make sure your employees know how important your brand is on their profile as well.

3) Facebook. People spend a ton of time here, and the more comfortable it is for them to find your page, the more exposure you get. This medium also provides the chance for social proof and community building– your current customers may not otherwise be outspoken advocates, but if they like your page their friends are more likely to engage.

2) Twitter. In all of human history, ideas have never spread so quickly. Exposure to the market can be vast, and this is also an opportunity to provide value and link to your material. Twitter can be a great chance to go viral, which can have a tremendous impact on your business. Because this site quickly builds communities around ideas, it will help you create and reach your niche market. Facts are often better understood in smaller chunks, too.

1) YouTube. One you have someone’s attention, the power of emotional engagement is tremendous. Video is great because the brain is biologically tuned to pay attention to visual stimuli and movement. We’re also wired to connect with our fellow humans, so show faces and emotions. Give your customers an easy chance to visualize themselves using your product and they’re more likely to remember your message when they have the chance to buy.

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