My Bucket List

Figuring out my bucket list was tougher than I expected! The 2nd step in Christina Lohman’s book 6 Steps to Savvy is to come up with your own bucket list. It’s very important, but easier said than done! Right off the bat, I could only think of 19 things. It took some serious brainstorming (and letting my dreams get bigger) to get comfortable with the 50 goals my list, and I also added rough dates for when I’d like to accomplish these by. I can’t say that this list will happen exactly the way its written or that things won’t change. (One of my goals was to meet Steve Jobs. RIP Steve) I know I need to be flexible in life and to continuously reevaluate my progress and goals. I would also love to have many of these happen earlier than I mention here, but the first step is to define what you’re aiming for in life.

The most important thing is to have defined, written, and actionable goals that excite you and ignite your passions. When you do this, your subconscious mind (the 90-98% of your brain processing that you are usually unaware of) will align with your goals and that’s why this activity is so imperative to accomplishing them.

always Go to as many of my family and good friends weddings as possible
2011  Meet Roger Dooley (
2012 Sign on with a neurmarketing/neuroconsulting or psychology based consulting firm
2013 Be a part of a billion dollar non-profit
2013 Visit Max Jaeger in China (M. Jaeger Trading Company)
2013 Go couchsurfing again
2013 Visit the Pacific Northwest
2015 Meet Timothy Ferris
2015 Meet Jay Z
2015 Meet Mark Zuckerberg
2015 Meet Seth Godin
2015 Get paid to give a speech
2015 Be in a non-violent flash mob
2015 Take my parents on a trip overseas
2015 Go back to South Africa
2015 Vacation in Amsterdam
2015 Throw networking events in Denver
2015 Be a neuroconsultant
2015 Get a skydiving license
2015 Meet Warren Buffet
2020 Give a speech to 10,000+ people
2020 Get married
2020 Own a house
2020 Go to Dubai
2020 Get a dog
2020 Write and publish a book
2020 Go to Somalia
2020 Go back to Israel
2025 Meet Peter Thiel
2025 Start a management consulting/private equity firm
2025 Have access to a private jet
2025 Have at least 1 kid
2025 Speak at a Southwestern Sales School
2025 Go to North Korea
2025 Own an investment property
2025 Own a ski house
2025 Fund a scholarship
2025 Win a Toastmasters national competition
2025 Get a pilot’s license
2030 Meet a current president
2030 Meet Richard Branson
2030 Meet Angela Merkel
2030 Buy a company
2030 Own property internationally
2030 Run a charity that promotes mental health
2035 Meet the leader of a communist country
2043 Have my kid(s) start a business before graduating high school
2045 Own a business on 6 continents
2050 Go on Semester at Sea again
2065 Beat my age on the golf course

About Adam Harvey

A point of consciousness, currently residing in a space suit made out of meat.
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