Do your research!

Beloved blog readers,

I apologize for my recent relative absence! I’ve been busy spending time with friends and getting on top of my own job search. I submitted my first resume, cover letter and references a couple days ago for an international consulting position. I don’t know if I’ll get it, but if I want it I’ll apply for it!

I have a good couple books to read. I have a second meeting with a consulting firm I’m looking at on Friday, and I just applied for what might be close to my dream job. The founders of both of these companies have published books (both bestsellers in their respective categories) so before I talk more with these people I need to understand where they’re coming from and the worldview in which they’ve built their companies.

I did an average of 1-2 hours of research on each company before meeting with or submitting anything to these places, and I feel that’s a good starting point but is not enough. If you’re going in for an interview, know what you’re getting into. Read Glassdoor posts, reviews, etc, but know for yourself what the company does. In my previous life when I interviewed candidates, I had people that came in thinking we were a different company (double-check the address/website) as well as some who knew where to go but had no idea who we were. None of these people were successful in their interviews with us.

So I imagine I have a good 500+ pages to read in the next 3 days or so. I also have another Toastmasters speech coming up tomorrow (I’m presenting on Neuromarketing; I feel that a speech will be good practice for an interview) so I need to finish that as well.

The great thing is that I love neuroscience, so reading/writing/stumbling around the internet doesn’t feel like work! If you have to force yourself to research the industry you’re trying to break in to, maybe it’s time to consider a different field. After spending time looking at what I’m most passionate about (neuroscience and business consulting) I know this is the industry for me. It is liberating to finally feel that way.


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