Your right or my right? Life lessons from the golf course

I love golf. I also love people who can golf in the rain and say they had a good time.

One of my teammates today unknowingly taught me something. What I liked was that when he went to putt, he walked to the other side of the hole from where his ball was to see what his “line” looked like, or where he should aim his putt. Apparently professional golfers do this as well – I love golf but don’t have the patience to watch it very often so I wasn’t aware of that.

What a great idea. Go to the opposite side of the perspective you need to act from. Look at things from a completely opposite standpoint. Not only are you able to see the same situation, but since you have to be on your side in order to act anyway, going full circle around the problem will give you more information and provide you with more resources to act appropriately. What would life be life if people always tried to see the other perspective in a conversation or debate before they spoke?

Since we were all on the same team golfing today we were trying to help each other. Advice, feedback, and general suggestions were requested and encouraged. The interesting thing for me is that if you’re taking advice from someone facing you, on the opposite side of the hole, they could tell you “aim to the right.” To be precise, they could also say, “aim north by northwest,” but I’ve never heard anyone phrase it that way. The directions “right or left” are subjective depending on your perspective. If they say, “aim to your right,” it’s easier to understand because they put their directions in a context relative to you. Your right and their left are the same thing – you could be on the exact same wavelength, so to speak, but it will sound different because you’re approaching the situation from a different angle. They may be correct in their advice, but if you can’t tell where they’re coming from, you could misinterpret their statement and aim to the wrong side.

Try to understand where the other person or other side is coming from, in general and especially in conflict. An open mind is one of the most important things anyone can have, ever.

Keep an open mind!

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A point of consciousness, currently residing in a space suit made out of meat.
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