Job Shadow!!

Got a call about a half hour ago from a friend of a friend who heard about my job search!

He’s in a very similar field to what I’m looking for, and he wanted to set up a time to talk on the phone. After about 15 minutes he said, “I can really hear the passion in your voice. Do you want to sit in on a client meeting with me next week?”

Is the sky blue on a sunny day? Yes, please, I’d love to.

I won’t count this as a job, job offer, or even an invitation to interview. Just a small success from personal networking, and since life is a game of inches I’d say the hunt is going in the right direction.

Off to the mountains of Colorado for what is already a fantastic weekend with lots of good friends. I really enjoy the field I’m going to break in to, but family and friends is what makes my life enjoyable.

It’s also easier to let myself relax knowing that I’ve been working hard on finding a job this week. I still have yet to finish my resume, and I haven’t written a cover letter or applied for any jobs online so far. Those will likely happen at some point, but it is never the resume that gets the job. Really caring about what you’re looking to do makes an incredible difference.

About Adam Harvey

A point of consciousness, currently residing in a space suit made out of meat.
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