Follow your instincts!

Up and at ’em at 3:30am this morning. Not on purpose, since I had a 7:15am Toastmasters meeting anyway, but my mind would not let me sleep. I was lost in thoughts and visualizations of my future career. I decided to listen to my instincts and I got up to do something.

My business card design appeared to me; after 4 revisions of drawings I finally knew what I wanted. I downloaded a free business card template and got to work. 2 more versions later and I was off to the 24 hour Fedex office downtown at 5am.

I emailed the files to myself and forwarded them from my iPhone to the store. I’ve learned as a business owner (and financial advisor) to keep expenses down whenever possible, and I figured my design would change soon anyway – so temporary, uncut cards fit the bill. About $7.00 and 10 minutes later I had 12 double sided business card sheets with 10 cards per sheet. Cutting would have been about another $40, and I have a paper cutter at my apartment complex. They don’t need to be perfect yet.

I got back to my apartment with just enough time to cut 20 cards, shower and grab a protein bar on the way out. At my Toastmasters public speaking group (today’s theme was “passion,” btw) I was given the impromptu topic: Would you rather work for a large corporation or own your own business?

Perfect excuse to turn my 20 second value statement into a 2 minute speech and hand out 15 business cards to the audience. Found out that a fellow TMer has a business coach who is involved in Neuro-linguistic programming and sales development, and she offered to introduce me. Perfect.

Also had another friend from Toastmasters offer to refer me to a job opening at her bank yesterday. Toastmasters International is a fantastic organization, hands down. Highly recommended.

I’ve handed out a card to every single person I’ve talked to today, about 30 in all so far. Everyone seems to be interested in helping people get better jobs…easy conversation starter.


About Adam Harvey

A point of consciousness, currently residing in a space suit made out of meat.
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