My first referral





Day 1 of the job hunt: Given contact information for a hiring manager from a  completely random stranger while walking Louis (the dog) about 30 feet from my apartment. Ashley and Billi were raising money for Planned Parenthood, and apparently there are jobs open for grassroots campaigning around Denver. I don’t think I’m interested, but it’s good to hear that there are jobs around.

Ashley and Billi were both nice people to talk to and I would’ve missed the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with them if I had done what most people do and walked right by. I didn’t hear about any job openings until after I had talked to them for a few minutes, and getting a job was not my first purpose in talking to them. I was upfront in saying that I had just resigned from my former company, and Ashley probably wouldn’t have talked to me about job openings if I didn’t say that I was looking for a new position.

Lesson learned: People are people, first. They are not job titles or letters on a business card. Business connections happen because people connect on some level.

Lesson learned: I’m more likely to talk to people if I don’t have headphones in. Be present, wherever you are.

Lesson learned: Talk to strangers when it’s reasonable to do so. Everybody you know was a stranger to you at some point.

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A point of consciousness, currently residing in a space suit made out of meat.
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